Commemorating the Day of the Lithuanian Bar


The Day of the Lithuanian Bar is celebrated on Monday, 3rd of December. This is the day, when the Lithuanian Government took over the courts from the German occupation power a hundred years ago, and the system of the bar and legal services became fully operational.

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Lithuanian Bar, Caritas decided again this year to gather a team of proactive lawyers, who would be ready to help low-income people, who cannot afford legal aid services. Like last year, Caritas invited Lithuanian attorneys-at-law and assistant attorneys to spare at least one hour of their precious time and take part in this initiative to helping others. Caritas organization also invited to render not only individual, but also group consultations, read public lectures, or organize a seminar for Caritas staff and volunteers for them to be able to advise people under the care of organizations on various legal issues. The initiative took place and free consult was rendered during the Pro Bono Week.

More than 200 Lithuanian attorneys-at-law and their assistants have decided this year to participate in pro bono publico initiative and spare some of their time to advise people undergoing tough situations in life. Counseling was provided at Caritas agencies or law firms in various cities throughout the country.

We have also decided to make a contribution. From 29 November to 6 December this year , LEXGATE Tamošaitis and Partners Law Firm have joined a generous initiative of the Lithuanian Bar Association and Lithuanian Caritas to help the disadvantaged, which is organized for the third time now. On the occasion of the upcoming holidays, these people were provided with pro bono legal services. Our team realizes the importance of legal services; therefore, we decided to contribute to this beautiful campaign by rendering legal assistance to people in need. We hope that our assistance will at least to some extent help low-income people to get back on their feet and not stumble in the road of life.

Such initiatives should only intensify in years to come, as the Lithuanian Bar Association has joined the nation-wide campaign “For a Safe Lithuania” initiated by Dalia Grybauskaitė, the President of the Republic of Lithuania. The community of attorneys-at-law in Lithuania believes that one should work for the benefit and in the interests of a human being. Timely legal advice or aid can help prevent many problems today and in the future. And the attorney’s profession is no longer regarded as simply being a lawyer. An attorney-at-law is a counselor, a conciliator, and a psychologist.